Paper & Colour

Your wedding stationery will be personalised in terms of print colours and paper choice to compliment your wedding’s look and style.

We have a range of beautiful paper to select from and a library of delightful colour palettes.

With so many wonderful possibilities available, we know it can be rather difficult to make the right choice. Also keep in mind that colours displayed on a computer screen will vary depending on your screen settings and will look different in print. Even the type of paper will have an effect at how colours will appear in print.

To help you select the perfect paper and colour palettes, we offer printed colour cards.

Once we have received your order, we will, together with our information pack, send you a form to complete to order colour cards with your favourite colour palettes printed on your choice of paper.

Holding an actual sample of the paper with your colour palettes printed on it, will help you to consider the paper’s texture, colour and weight, helping you to make the perfect choice.

Contact us to order a Paper and Colour Swatch Card Pack, consisting of your selection of up to 5 different colour palettes printed on up to 5 different card stock. (Cost: R100.00, including delivery)

Click on 'Paper' or 'Colour Palettes' to view the selection available.

Photo collage of colour palettes printed on a variety of paper