French Vintage by Participating studio: Creatus Design

Be swept away by the use of vintage and romantic fonts, together with scrolls and bars to create a frivolous, graphic layout. Colours can reflect a French Vintage style or be changed to a fresher, more modern approach.

Items available in this set:
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Wedding Invitation
CatalogNumber: CRD001-006-INV01
Style: Rectangular single fold card with printed envelope
Dimensions: 100 x 210mm
Envelope: 110 x 220mm
Price: R49.00
Invitation - French Vintage: CRD001-006-INV01-FRONT-AND-BACK.png
Invitation - French Vintage: CRD001-006-INV01-INSIDE.png
Confetti holder
CatalogNumber: CRD001-006-COH01
Style: Confetti cone
"Making this lovely confetti cone is quick and easy. Get your girl-friends together for an evening of wine and DIY. Fill them with confetti or petals and hang from the back of your guests' chairs or display them together in a large silver urn. Delivered flat with self-adhesive tape applied. Ribbon and/or confetti not included."
Dimensions: 140 x 140mm
Price: R13.00
Confetti holder - French Vintage: CRD001-006-COH01.png
CatalogNumber: CRD001-006-MEN01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 100 x 210mm
Price: R24.00
Menu - French Vintage: CRD001-006-MEN01.png
Name card
CatalogNumber: CRD001-006-NAC01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 90 x 50mm
Price: R8.00
Name card - French Vintage: CRD001-006-NAC01-FRONT.png
Order of service
CatalogNumber: CRD001-006-OOS01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 100 x 290mm
Price: R24.00
Order of service - French Vintage: CRD001-006-OOS01-FRONT-AND-BACK.png
Save the date
CatalogNumber: CRD001-006-STD01
Style: Rectangular card with printed envelope
Dimensions: 105 x 148mm
Price: R32.00
Save the date - French Vintage: CRD001-006-STD01-FRONT-AND-BACK.png
Seating plan
CatalogNumber: CRD001-006-SEP01
Style: A2 Poster
Printed on 135gsm poster or pearlised synthetic paper, rolled up and delivered in a cardboard tube.
Dimensions: 420 x 594mm
Price: R358.00
Seating plan - French Vintage: CRD001-006-SEP01.png
Table number
CatalogNumber: CRD001-006-TAN01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 100 x 210mm
Price: R24.00
Table number - French Vintage: CRD001-006-TAN01.png
CatalogNumber: CRD001-006-TAG01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 90 x 50mm
Price: R8.00
Tag - French Vintage: CRD001-006-TAG01.png
Thank you
CatalogNumber: CRD001-006-THY01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 105 x 148mm
Price: R24.00
Thank you - French Vintage: CRD001-006-THY01-FRONT-AND-BACK.png
Favour box
CatalogNumber: CRD001-006-FAB01
Style: Square box
This quaint little square box can be used either for a favour box or a confetti box. It is easy to assemble and is delivered flat with self-adhesive tape applied to sides.
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 60mm
Price: R25.00
Favour box - French Vintage: CRD001-006-FAB01.png