Patchouli by Invitation Gallery (In-House Collection)

An intricate damask patterned design in rich colours with gold foiling creates a sophisticated and luxurious wedding invitation design suite. The invitation consists of a card holder with two inserts and envelope.

Items available in this set:
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Wedding Invitation
CatalogNumber: ING001-093-INV01
Style: Square card with printed envelope
Dimensions: 150 x 150mm
Envelope: 160 x 160mm
Price: R92.00
Invitation - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damask-design.png
Invitation - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damask-folder.png
Invitation - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damask-invitation-02.png
Confetti holder
CatalogNumber: ING001-093-COH01
Style: Confetti cone
Dimensions: 140 x 150mm
Price: R12.00
Confetti holder - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damas-confetti-cone.png
CatalogNumber: ING001-093-MEN01
Style: Rectangular single fold card
Dimensions: 210 x 100mm
Price: R49.00
Menu - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damask-menu-card.png
Menu - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damask-menu.png
Name card
CatalogNumber: ING001-093-NAC01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 50 x 90mm
Price: R8.00
Name card - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damask-name-card.png
Program for the day
CatalogNumber: ING001-093-PRO01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 290 x 100mm
Price: R24.00
Program for the day - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damask-programme.png
Save the Date - HTML for email
CatalogNumber: ING001-093-SDH01
Style: HTML
Dimensions: 600 x 800px
Price: R600.00
Save the Date - HTML for email - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damas-save-the-date.png
Seating plan
CatalogNumber: ING001-093-SEP01
Style: A2 Poster
Dimensions: 594 x 420mm
Price: R358.00
Seating plan - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damask-seating-plan.png
Table number
CatalogNumber: ING001-093-TAN01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 148 x 105mm
Price: R24.00
Table number - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damask-table-number.png
Thank you
CatalogNumber: ING001-093-THY01
Style: Rectangular card with printed envelope
Dimensions: 105 x 148mm
Price: R39.00
Thank you - Patchouli: Invitation-gallery-wedding-invitation-foil-eastern-damask-thank-you.png