Lacy twigs by Participating studio: Dusty Mountain

Royal colours used in an informal manner with handdrawn twigs and lace elements.

Items available in this set:
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Wedding Invitation
CatalogNumber: MPC001-002-INV01
Style: Rectangular card with printed envelope
Dimensions: 145 x 210mm
Envelope: 162 x 229mm
Price: R38.00
Invitation - Lacy twigs: MPC001-002-INV01-FRONT.png
Invitation - Lacy twigs: MPC001-002-INV01-BACK.png
Menu and name card combined
CatalogNumber: MPC001-002-MNC01
Style: Rectangular card with folded section at the top
This card combines your menu with each guest's name. Place them on each setting's serviette or side plate for an elegant and uncluttered look.
Dimensions: 290 x 50mm
Price: R18.00
Menu and name card combined - Lacy twigs: MPC001-002-MNC01-FRONT.png
Order of service
CatalogNumber: MPC001-002-OOS01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 210 x 100mm
Price: R24.00
Order of service - Lacy twigs: MPC001-002-OOS01-FRONT.png
Order of service - Lacy twigs: MPC001-002-OOS01-BACK.png
Seating plan
CatalogNumber: MPC001-002-SEP01
Style: A3 Poster
Printed on 135gsm poster or pearlised synthetic paper, rolled up and delivered in a cardboard tube.
Dimensions: 420 x 297mm
Price: R318.00
Seating plan - Lacy twigs: MPC001-002-SEP01.png
Table number
CatalogNumber: MPC001-002-TAN01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 210 x 145mm
Price: R24.00
Table number - Lacy twigs: MPC001-002-TAN01-FRONT.png
CatalogNumber: MPC001-002-TAG01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 50 x 90mm
Price: R8.00
Tag - Lacy twigs: MPC001-002-TAG01-FRONT.png