The Duchess by Participating studio: Dusty Mountain

This French inspired vintage design is royal and romantic. A classic wall paper pattern and the ornate crest makes this design timeless and elegant.

Items available in this set:
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Wedding Invitation
CatalogNumber: MPC001-008-INV01
Style: Rectangular card with printed envelope
Dimensions: 145 x 210mm
Envelope: 162 x 229mm
Price: R38.00
Invitation - The Duchess: MPC001-008-INV01-INV01-FRONT.png
Invitation - The Duchess: MPC001-008-INV01-INV01-BACK.png
Candy Bag
CatalogNumber: MPC001-008-CAN01
Style: Candy Bag
Dimensions: 95 x 190mm
Price: R17.00
Candy Bag - The Duchess: MPC001-008-CAB01.png
Confetti holder
CatalogNumber: MPC001-008-COH01
Style: Heart shape
Add a touch of romance with these lovely heart-shape confetti holders. Fill them with flower petals and hang them on your guests' chairs or with long ribbons from trees where guests can collect them before being seated. The hearts are delivered flat with self-adhesive tape applied and are very easy to assemble. (Ribbon and confetti not included in price)
Dimensions: 100 x 105mm
Price: R26.00
Confetti holder - The Duchess: MPC001-008-COH01.png
Favour box
CatalogNumber: MPC001-008-FAB01
Style: Square box
This quaint little square box can be used either for a favour box or a confetti box. It is easy to assemble and is delivered flat with self-adhesive tape applied to sides.
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 60mm
Price: R25.00
Favour box - The Duchess: MPC001-008-FAB01.png
CatalogNumber: MPC001-008-MEN01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 100 x 210mm
Price: R24.00
Menu - The Duchess: MPC001-008-MEN01.png
Name card
CatalogNumber: MPC001-008-NAC01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 50 x 90mm
Price: R8.00
Name card - The Duchess: MPC001-008-NAC01.png
Save the Date - HTML for email
CatalogNumber: MPC001-008-SDH01
Style: HTML
Dimensions: 600 x 960px
Price: R600.00
Save the Date - HTML for email - The Duchess: MPC001-008-SDH01-800x540px.png
Table number
CatalogNumber: MPC001-008-TAN01
Style: Square card
Dimensions: 150 x 150mm
Price: R24.00
Table number - The Duchess: MPC001-008-tan01.png
Thank you
CatalogNumber: MPC001-008-THY01
Style: Rectangular single fold card with printed envelope
Dimensions: 100 x 210mm
Price: R43.00
Thank you - The Duchess: MPC001-008-THY01-FRONT-AND-BACK.png
Thank you - The Duchess: MPC001-008-THY01-INSIDE.png