Flourish by Participating studio: Studio Sol

Simple and cute flourishes add an elegant yet whimsical feel to the stationary. Add colour to add some fun, or silver hues to match your elegant style.

Items available in this set:
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Wedding Invitation
CatalogNumber: STU001-009-INV01
Style: Rectangular card with printed envelope
Dimensions: 100 x 210mm
Envelope: 110 x 220mm
Price: R38.00
Invitation - Flourish: SOL001-009-INV01.png
Confetti holder
CatalogNumber: STU001-009-COH01
Style: Confetti cone
Dimensions: 140 x 140mm
Price: R13.00
Confetti holder - Flourish: SOL001-009-COH01.png
Favour box
CatalogNumber: STU001-009-FAB01
Style: Square box
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 60mm
Price: R30.00
Favour box - Flourish: SOL001-009-FAB01.png
CatalogNumber: STU001-009-MEN01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 100 x 210mm
Price: R24.00
Menu - Flourish: SOL001-009-MEN01.png
Menu - Flourish: SOL001-009-MEN02.png
Name card
CatalogNumber: STU001-009-NAC01
Style: Rectangular single fold card
Dimensions: 50 x 90mm
Price: R9.00
Name card - Flourish: SOL001-009-NAC01.png
Save the Date - HTML for email
CatalogNumber: STU001-009-SDH01
Style: HTML
Dimensions: 600 x 960px
Price: R600.00
Save the Date - HTML for email - Flourish: SOL001-009-SDH01-800x525px.png
Table number
CatalogNumber: STU001-009-TAN01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 105 x 148mm
Price: R24.00
Table number - Flourish: SOL001-009-TAN01.png
CatalogNumber: STU001-009-TAG01
Style: Rectangular card
Dimensions: 50 x 90mm
Price: R8.00
Tag - Flourish: SOL001-009-TAG01.png
Thank you
CatalogNumber: STU001-009-THY01
Style: Rectangular single fold card with printed envelope
Dimensions: 145 x 210mm
Price: R43.00
Thank you - Flourish: SOL001-009-Thy01-FRONT-AND-BACK.png
Thank you - Flourish: SOL001-009-Thy01-INSIDE.png